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The best Muay Thai Instagram accounts for 2022

Don't waste your time on Instagram scrolling through accounts who offer you no value and post the same boring images that we've all seen before! Switch 2022 up and add some inspiration and motivation into your life with our list of the best Muay Thai Instagram accounts for 2022!


Siam Boxing provide exposure and insights into the world of Muay Thai & K1 with their Instagram page! They’ve amassed over 300,000 followers and offer some great videos of everything that’s happening in the Muay Thai world.

If your looking for fight highlights, training tips and awesome Muay Thai videos, then @siamboxing is a page.

They also have an excellent YouTube channel where they showcase sparring from some of the U.K’s leading fighters.


Liam Harrison has quickly become one of the most followed Muay Thai fighters on Instagram and it's no surprise why! His insane pad smashing videos are brilliant to fight and his fight clips keep us entertained for hours!

Liam has also grown a great following through his Muay Thai instructional videos, which showcase the skills he's used in his career to become the U.K's most successful fighter.


Muaythaimagic class themselves as the home of Muay Thai on Instagram! They've built over 250,000 followers on their Instagram with great technique drill videos and everything else in the world of Muay Thai.


The Muay That Technician Instagram page is ran by professional Muay Thai fighter Paul Banasiak. His Instagram is packed with technique videos that can help you to level up your Muay Thai training.


Pure striking brings you your daily dose of striking videos on Instagram. Give them a follow and join their 150,000+ followers who get to see amazing fight videos on the daily.


With over 250,000 followers, Muaythaigram have built one of the largest Muay Thai followings. Check them out for great Muay Thai videos.


Muay Thai Meme is the original home of Muay Thai memes. If your looking for something to laugh at, make sure you check them out!

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