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The most popular Muay Thai YouTube channels

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

The most popular Muay Thai YouTube channels

If your as addicted to Muay Thai as we are then you'll likely be looking for the most content that you can digest on a daily basis, but don't worry, we've got you covered with our list of most popular Muay Thai YouTube channels that can give you months of watching material.

Our list of our most popular Muay Thai YouTube channels

Warrior Collective by Stuart Tomlinson

Warrior Collective is one of the largest resources of online training videos online. Stuart travels around and films with some of the worlds leading fighters and coaches, showcasing technique breakdowns and fighting tips which can help you advance your skills as a Nak Muay.

In their videos, you'll find coaching sessions from world renowned coaches such as Richard Smith from the Bad Company Gym, Paul Karpowicz from 2Technical Muay Thai and Panicos Yusuf.

Muay Ties

Muay Ties is the leading resource on YouTube for watching some of the biggest fights in Thailand from the Rajadamnern and Lumpini stadiums in Bangkok. If your looking to watch the best Muay Thai fighters in the world fight on a regular basis, then the Muay Ties YouTube channel is for you!

Ognjen Topic

Follow 3 x World Muay Thai champion Ognjen Topic as he lives his life training at the world famous PK. Saenchai Muay Thai Gym in Bangkok. His videos offer great education insights into elite level training as well as allowing you to see some of the best Muay Thai fighters in the world fight and practice.

Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdowns

Lawrence Kenshin Striking Breakdowns is certainly one of the most visited Muay Thai YouTube channels that there is. His insightful and in-depth breakdowns of fight scenarios help you to understand and learn how some of the greatest fighters in the world perform in the ring.

One Championship

One Championship is now the world leading Muay Thai promotion, brining Muay Thai to the masses. Their roster now includes the highest level Muay Thai practioners of any promotion in the world, boasting names such as Rodtang, Petchdam, Muangthai, Liam Harrison and Michael Savvas.

Their YouTube channels bring you fight clips from some of the biggest fights in the Muay Thai world, including the insane battle between Rodtang and Jonathan Haggerty which we have linked below.

Siam Boxing

Siam Boxing is a great channel which showcases the behind the scenes sparring sessions of fighters all over the world. Their videos show what it's like to go through some of the harder sparring sessions that you'll endure during a fight camp.

The most popular videos on the YouTube channel include some great seminar footage from former One Championship world champion Jonathan Haggerty and some hard sparring footage from some of the best gyms in the U.K.

Liam Harrison Official YouTube Channel

The Liam Harrison official YouTube channel showcases the life of one of the most famous and decorated Muay Thai fighters on the planet. Sparring, fight videos, technique instructions and his podcast Kickin' It with Liam Harrison are all available on his YouTube channel.

Some of the most popular videos on the YouTube channel include his wars against the best Muay Thai fighter of all time Saenchai, as well as some of his best low kick stoppages, which he is renowned for.

MAX Muay Thai Official

Max Muay Thai is one of the leading promotions in Thailand and their YouTube channel showcase some of their biggest and best fights that take place on the promotion. It includes fights from fighters such as Buakaw and Enriko Kehl.

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