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The perfect Muay Thai outfit for training

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Are you someone that's heading to their first Muay Thai class? Are you stressed about your Muay Thai outfit and what you should be wearing? We'll we've got good news for you! The Muay Thai training dress code is pretty laid back, and as long as you've got the basics you'll be good to go!

For the most part, anything you wear to the gym or any other fitness class will work for Muay Thai.

Recommended Muay Thai outfit

When thinking about the perfect Muay Thai outfit you need to think about comfort and flexibility. You'll need something that doesn't restrict your movement on your bottom half and a t-shirt or vest or your top half that's comfortable. Depending on the weather you may need a jumper or sweatshirt to keep warm but you'll likely take it off as your body heat increases during the session.

Below we've put together a list of our recommended products to make the perfect Muay Thai outfit for men, whether your a complete beginner or someone who's been training for years.

Muay Thai Gloves

The most important thing you'll need for your sessions are a pair of gloves, without them you won't be able to attend a class. Some gyms do provide gloves to their students, however it's not guaranteed, and do you really want to wear a pair of gloves that everyone else has worn?

We recommend going with these RDX Boxing Gloves as a very good, cheap option for your Muay Thai outfit. They aren't overly expensive like some of the well know Muay Thai brands that charge £70+ for a pair of gloves but they are high quality, durable and they'll see you through your sessions well.

Hand wraps

Another very important part of your Muay Thai outfit are hand wraps. Hand wraps are to be worn under your gloves and they help to protect your hands and wrists from injury when hitting the heavy Thai pads.

Muay Thai Shorts

Although it's not essential that you wear a pair of Muay Thai shorts to your class, it is recommended, as at the end of the day it's what they are made for. Muay Thai shorts are designed to help you to able to kick without restrictions.

We've gone for these amazing Venum shorts as they not only look super cool but they are available in a number of different variations which makes them perfect for men and women. They are also made by Venum who are the official partner of the UFC and are known for providing fantastic quality products.

The great thing about buying these shorts through Amazon Prime is that you also get the option for prime try before you buy, giving you 7-days to try the shorts and decide whether you want to buy them or return them.

Gym T-Shirt

When thinking about the correct t-shirt for Muay Thai you need to think about what your going to need. You will need something that's extremely durable, great at sweat-wicking and also extremely comfortable. That's why we recommend this Under Armour Sports t-shirt.

Running Trainers

Although running trainers aren't required for Muay Thai training it is recommended that you keep them as part of your Muay Thai outfit. Some gyms may take the class for a quick run as part of the warm up so it's important your well equipped for this.

Outfit extras to help prevent injury

Knee Brace

A knee brace is a great way to help support your knee when training Muay Thai. The additional support from the brace will help to prevent you twisting or over straining your knee, and reduce your risk of the common knee injuries occurred in Muay Thai such as an ACL tear.

Ankle Support

Twisting or straining your ankle can be a common injury in Muay Thai, especially for beginners who kick with incorrect technique. Ankle supports will help provide your ankles with the additional support that they need to help prevent injury.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a belt grading system in Muay Thai?

No, there is not a belt grading system in Muay Thai. Although some western gyms may offer a belt grading system in Muay Thai, it is nothing but a money making scheme charging you in order to progress your belt colour.

Can I get injured training Muay Thai?

Yes, you can get injured training Muay Thai. You can limit your risk to becoming injured by making sure that you prepare for your sessions properly, don't spar too hard and always ensure you maintain the correct technique.

How many days a week should I train to get good at Muay Thai?

We recommend attending at least 3-4 classes per week in order to get good at Muay Thai. Your classes should be a mix of pad work, technique and sparring.

If you are wanting to progress quicker, then you may want to add in an extra day, or maybe even train twice on your training days by adding in a heavy bag workout in the gym that is focused around perfecting your striking technique.

What are the most important techniques to learn in Muay Thai?

The most important techniques to learn in Muay Thai are the roundhouse kick, the teep (front kick), elbows and the clinch. If you become solid in these techniques then you can be classed as a good Muay Thai practitioner.

Do I need to be good at clinching before I have my first Muay Thai fight?

Although you don't need to be a clinch expert to have your first fight, you should be comfortable in the clinch, be able to defend against the clinch and also know various techniques to use in the clinch and escape from the clinch.

If you are a complete novice in the clinch then you may come up against an opponent who is stronger in the clinch and they'll be able to overpower you, and drain your energy in the clinch.

The biggest thing that fighters who don't train in the clinch suffer from in fights is that their energy can quickly be sapped in the clinch. It's extremely physically demanding and if you aren't used to it your muscles and energy system will quickly become depleted.


Don't over stress your Muay Thai outfit and keep thing simple, comfortable and accessible. Ensure that you have the basics covered and just turn up to a class and have fun!

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