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Tips for cutting weight in a hot bath

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

Tips for cutting weight in a hot bath

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Cutting weight is one of the most talked about things in combat sports and for us, it's something that needs to be continued to be talked about. Cutting weight is a dangerous process that if not done correctly can result in loss of life.

In this article we speak about one of the most popular ways of cutting weight which is by getting a hot bath.

Can you loose weight by getting a hot bath

You will loose weight by getting a hot bath, but it's important to understand why you are loosing this weight. The most important thing to understand is that the weight you loose by getting a hot bath is only temporary, as it's simply water weight that is sweated out in the bath. Once you leave the bath and take a drink, the weight you've lost will simply be added back into your body.

This is perfect when thinking about cutting weight for combat sports. You want a short-term weight loss than can then be quickly recovered after you weigh in so that you can return to your bodies original stature.

How to cut weight in a hot bath

By cutting weight in a hot tub you can loose up to 5% of your body weight in just a couple of hours. Below we'll tell you how to do this, and also help you to ensure that you stay safe from cutting weight in a hot bath.

If your somebody that is looking for a long-term weight loss then please ignore this, a hot bath is not a long-term solution to loosing weight.

Steps for cutting weight in a hot bath

  1. The most important thing about cutting weight in a hot bath is to ensure your safety. Make sure you have someone with you to keep you safe and to be able to get help should anything go wrong.

  2. Run a small amount of hot water into the bath and then add in some Epsom salts. The epsom salts will help to withdraw the water from your body and also add several recovery benefits!

  3. Now you have a small amount of hot water in your bath, climb in. We get in the bath with a small amount of water to reduce the risk of burning ourselves when climbing into a large pool of water.

  4. Begin to run the water and fill the bath around you. You need to fill the bath to the point that you can lay down and have your entire body submerged but your head out of the water.

  5. You need to ensure that the water in the bath is hot enough for you to feel slightly uncomfortable but not hot enough to burn your skin. After a minute or two in the bath your head should be sweating well.

  6. We recommend spending no longer than 20 minutes at a time in the bath, after 20 minutes climb out, dry off and weigh yourself. If you still have weight to cut, put on some hot clothes to keep warm and give your body a 20 minute rest before re-entering the bath for your next stint.

The dangers of cutting weight in a hot bath

There are several dangers of cutting weight in a hot bath and some of these can result in loss of life, this is why we always advise people to ensure they don't cut weight alone!


The purpose of cutting weight in a hot bath is to withdraw liquids from your body via sweat in order to reduce your overall body weight. This leads to your body loosing the important fluids that it uses to keep itself hydrated and to ensure proper bodily function.

Dehydration can lead to seizures, swelling of the brain, kidney failure, shock, coma and even death. The main signs of dehydration are headaches, dizziness or lightheadedness.

If you experience any of the above symptoms during your weight cut, it's probably time to call it a day.

Burning your skin

Although this seems pretty obvious, burning your skin whilst cutting weight in a hot bath is something that happens often. Ensure that if the bath is too hot that you run some cold water to cool it down and prevent burning yourself.

If the bath is burning your skin, then it's too hot. A bath doesn't need to be boiling for you too be able to cut weight, it simply needs to be hot enough for you to be slightly uncomfortable and your body to begin sweating. We recommend sitting in the bath and filling it around yourself to ensure that you can keep the temperature correct.


Hot temperatures make our muscles relax, this includes the muscles that control the expansion and contraction of our blood vessels. This can result in a lowering of your blood pressure.

Hypotension happens when blood pressure decreases after standing up or sitting down. Combining hypotension and the lower blood pressure can lead to you feeling dizzy and even in some cases passing out.

In order to reduce the risk of dizziness and passing out when cutting weight in a hot bath, ensure that you stand up extremely slowly and take your time getting in and out of the bath. Also, always ensure that you have someone with you who can support you getting in and out of the bath.


Cutting weight in a hot bath is a great way to help you reach your required fight weight, however there are still some severe risks to this. Ensure you manage your weight cut correctly, stay safe and reach your fight weight healthy and ready to go.

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