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What are the most prestigious Muay Thai titles?

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

What are the most prestigious Muay Thai titles?

In Thailand, belts are generally held within stadiums, whereas in other sports belts are held with a promotional body. The bigger the stadium, the more prestigious the belt and the better the calibre of fighters who will be fighting for the title.

Lumpinee Belt

Muay Thai Lumpinee Stadium Belt
Lumpinee Stadium Belt

The Lumpinee Belt is considered by many as the most prestigious Muay Thai title that there is. If you wish to be truly recognised as an all-time great in Muay Thai, then you need to hold the Lumpinee belt.

Rajadamnern Belt

The Rajadamnern Belt is one of the most prestigious titles in Muay Thai and considered slightly behind the Lumpinee belt in terms of prestigiousness.

The Rajadamnern belt is the title of the Rajadamnern stadium in Bangkok, the first fight took place at the stadium on the 23rd December in 1945.

Channel 7 Belt

The Channel 7 Belt is the third most prestigious belt in Thailand and the fights are one of the most televised in Thailand. The stadium is managed by the "Royal Thai Army".

The different Muay Thai world titles

WBC World Muay Thai Title

The World Boxing Council is the most recognised organisation in world boxing and in 2004 the WBC Muay Thai organisation was founded. Former champions include names such as Liam Harrison, Andy Howson, Michael Savvas & Asahi PK Saenchai.

W.P.M.F World Title

The World Professional Muay Thai title was formed in 2004 by the Professional Boxing Association of Thailand. The WPMF was founded to promote and support Muay Thai worldwide, including enforcement of its traditions, rules and regulations. The WPMF is one of major organisations recognised in the world.

The biggest stadiums in Thailand for Muay Thai

Lumpinee Stadium

The Lumpinee Boxing Stadium is the largest and most prestigious stadium in Thailand for Muay Thai. Lumpinee is run by the Royal Thai Army. It has become the symbol of modern Muay Thai.

Rajadamnern Stadium

The Rajadamnern Stadium is the second biggest and most prestigious stadium in Thailand for Muay Thai. It was opened 10 years before the Lumpinee Stadium.

Channel 7 Stadium

The Channel 7 Stadium is the third most prestigious stadium in Thailand. The stadium itself is designed to be a TV studio with the Channel 7 stadium fights being one of the most watched fights on TV in Thailand.


The most prestigious titles in Muay Thai are the Lumpinee title, Rajadamnern title and the Channel 7 title. If you are a Muay Thai fighter who aspires to be known as an all time great, then you would need to win one of these titles.

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