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Is Muay Thai an expensive sport to start?

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

Is Muay Thai an expensive sport to start?

If your thinking of starting to train Muay Thai, then you'll likely be thinking, is Muay Thai an expensive sport to start? The answer is no, as with everything, there are cheap options to help you start train Muay Thai.

There are of course some expenses that you'll need to outlay before you start training in Muay Thai, but when starting, look for the cheaper options and try and be savvy with your money. Being savvy and shopping around will make it cheaper for you to start training Muay Thai.

Is Muay Thai expensive?

Muay Thai is not expensive, and there are several ways in which you can make Muay Thai less expensive such as training from home using online videos, or purchasing cheaper equipment rather than going all out on some of the Muay Thai equipment which is just overly expensive due to the brand on the item.

The average Muay Thai gym in the UK costs around £40.00 per month and this will include 2 hours of training at least 5 times per week. It may seem quite expensive, however for the amount of times you'll be able to train, and the level of fitness you'll increase by training this often, it's not.

If that is too expensive for you, then you may look at a standard gym which heavy bags which will likely cost you around £15.00 per month, and then the Liam Harrison Training website which is around £7.95 per month.

The average monthly cost of living and training Muay Thai in Thailand

The average monthly cost for living and training Muay Thai in Thailand is around £1,000 per month depending on the quality of accommodation that you are looking for.

The cost of living and training in Thailand depending on which part of Thailand you are looking to stay in. If you want to stay in the south of Thailand such as Phuket, then you'll be paying higher prices as it is more of a tourist destination and there is a lot more demand for room spaces, but you'll also have more to do and a bit better quality of life. If you stay in the north of Thailand in places such as Chang Mai then it is a lot cheaper but it's a little more isolated and you won't be seeing much, if any, beach time.

A cheap Muay Thai equipment starter pack

EVO Boxing Gloves with Hand Wraps

Boxing gloves and hand wraps are essential for Muay Thai training. A good pair of gloves and hand wraps will help prevent injury.

The EVO Boxing Gloves are a solid pair of gloves to get you started in Muay Thai at a great price. With over 1,500 reviews and a rating of 4.6 on Amazon you know that they've been tried, tested and have worked for many people.

The addition of the hand wraps makes this an even better deal, and you won't find a starter glove set for Muay Thai much cheaper than this.

RDX Shin Guards

RDX are a brand that are well known for providing high quality affordable mixed martial arts equipment, so you won't go wrong with these shin pads.

They are a lightweight set of shin pads, and not quite as thick as durable as some of the more expensive shin guards that you'll see people wearing in the gym but they are good for starting out and easing your way into sparring and they are considerably cheaper than the thicker Muay Thai shin guards.

Mouth Guard

If your thinking of sparring in Muay Thai then you'll need a mouth guard - it'll be much cheaper than a trip to the dentist!

The Beast Gear Mouth Guard is a great cheap option for Muay Thai sparring and with over 7,000 ratings on Amazon you know it's a product that you can trust.

Gym Shorts

You might think you'll look the bee's knees in a fancy pair of Muay Thai shorts, however don't worry if you can't afford them. To get started you just need a simple pair of flexible, durable gym shorts to help you get through your sessions.

Overall Cost

All in our cheap Muay Thai equipment starter pack costs just over £70.00 and this will give you everything that you need to be able to train to your full extent until you feel that your financially able to upgrade some of your equipment to the more named brands who equipment is tailored to Muay Thai.

If you want to cut back further and your not looking to spar, then you can think about not purchasing the mouth guard and the shun guards, however we do recommend purchasing them in case you do decide that you would in fact like to spar.


Don't be tricked into thinking you need to be the guy with all the gear and no idea, purchase only what you need and go for some of the cheaper branded items and you'll save yourself a small fortune.

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