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The Best Online Muay Thai Training Course Websites in 2022!

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

The Best Online Muay Thai Training Course Websites in 2022!

You don’t always have to have a training partner or be in a gym to learn Muay Thai. With the spread of Coronavirus, the growth of online Muay Thai training course websites has been rapid, and some fantastic courses have been published online.

Muay Thai practitioners of all levels have begun sharing their tips, tricks and training resources through videos online, which has lead to a wealth of Muay Thai online training videos being available for both free and paid.

Finding the best Muay Thai training resources available to you isn’t always easy, due to the vast amount of content that is now available you can spend hours, if not days sifting through content which is poorly put together or just not that helpful in your pursuit to continue to improve in your Muay Thai training.

There’s also plenty of instructions out there publishing Muay Thai videos who potentially don’t have the skill or technique that should be taught. So finding the right balance between a quality Muay Thai instructor and someone who can create good, insightful content is key!

The key thing to remember when using Muay Thai Training course websites is that it’s really important to drill the techniques over and over, as you’ll likely be training these techniques by yourself they may take a little more time to get used too, and it’s also really important to pay close attention to the videos to ensure that your carrying out the required technique correctly to prevent possible injury or poor technique.

Our list of Muay Thai Training Course Websites

1. Liam Harrison Training

Our number one resource on our list is the Liam Harrison Training website. The website is owned and operated by renowned world Muay Thai champion Liam Harrison. Known for his aggressive and powerful, fan-friendly style, Liam Harrison is well known for his devastating left hook and fight stopping leg kicks which he’s destroyed many opponents with.

With 8 world times, over 115 fights and wins over some of Thailand's most famous fighters, Liam is widely regarded as one of the best Muay Thai fighters to ever come out of the UK and one of the best non-thai Muay Thai fighters ever.

Liam Harrison training website is broken down into a wide range of different course types, that range from his beginners course to his more advanced courses which include such things as a complete master class in Muay Thai sweeps & throws.

All the courses on the website feature techniques which Liam Harrison has used throughout his career, and each technique is broken down with a highly insightful Muay Thai online training video.

Whether you're a seasoned fighter, or a complete beginner, this website has great courses for you and you’ll be sure to learn some fantastic tips and tricks from the Liam Harrison training website

The website also includes guest content from world famous fighters such as Jordan Watson, James Frances and Andy Howson.

The courses do require a subscription, you can either pay monthly for full access to the website which is £14.99 or you can pay annually for £89.99.

2. Warrior Collective

Warrior Collective is a training team based in the UK that work with some of the world's most renowned fighters to create Muay Thai online training videos and courses.

As one of the most well known resources for online martial arts training videos, Warrior Collective have worked with some of the best fighters in Muay Thai, including Panicos Yusef, Damien Trainor, Paul Karpowicz.

The majority of their Muay Thai online training videos are completely free on their YouTube channel, and these feature some fantastic videos which are highly insightful and useful.

As well as the free YouTube videos, they have paid courses on their website with coaches such as Richard Smith, the owner of the world famous Bad Company gym in Leeds and Damien Trainor, multiple time Muay Thai world champion and owner of the K-Star legacy Muay Thai gym in Birmingham, England.

3. Nak Muay Nation

Nak Muay Nation, also known as The Muay Thai Guy, is extremely well known and popular.

They are prolific publishers of extremely useful and insightful content. The website is owned and operated by Sean Fagan, an American fighter who has been based in Thailand for the last couple of years. Fagan holds a professional record of 35 fights and 25 wins, and continues to compete at a high level in Thailand.

Nak Muay Nation includes a blog which has thousands of posts that are extremely helpful, with everything from Muay Thai tips, tricks and techniques through to nutrition and dietary advice.

As well as the blog, they have some fantastic free videos and guides which you can download.

4. Muay Thai Citizen

Muay Thai Citizen is a fantastic Muay Thai blog which has hundreds of highly useful articles which can help you during your Muay Thai training.

Their Learn Muay Thai Online guide includes some fantastic tips, tricks and videos to help you learn Muay Thai at home, as well as some really useful resources on the Muay Thai equipment you’ll need to start learning Muay Thai from home.

5. YouTube

You may be surprised by this entry, as it’s not exactly a Muay Thai training course website, however, YouTube is a fantastic resource for learning with millions of videos available for any top. Head over to YouTube and search for Muay Thai online training videos and you’ll be sure to find some fantastic resources for you to be able to learn from.


There are some fantastic online Muay Thai training course websites and instructional videos out there for you to be able to help advance your Muay Thai training from home. We always advise trying various different ones, and really try to find the source of content that works best for you.

If you're really wanting to continue to progress your Muay Thai skills from home, it’s key that you remain highly motivated and train hard. It may take time, but with the right content, you’ll begin to see improvements.

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