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Can you do Muay Thai training while you are pregnant?

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

Can you do Muay Thai training while you are pregnant?

Many people would not believe that a pregnant woman can train Muay Thai. However, one can train this combat sport while pregnant and safely. It is important to note that this type of training is limited to pregnant women who have reached at least 12 weeks of pregnancy and are considered "mature." You should make sure that your doctor approves this type of training before attempting it.

Training Muay Thai is considered one of the safest forms of physical activity for women in pregnancy. Because Muay Thai is a contact sport, pregnant women must understand what they are getting into before they begin practicing Muay Thai. If they do not, there is a risk that it can harm their unborn child.

You can train Muay Thai while pregnant but the training has to be adjusted and modified in a way that is safe for you and approved by a qualified physician.

It is best to avoid Muay Thai until after your first trimester. As soon as you are past that, you can start training Muay Thai. There are many advantages to doing so. If you have not done any sports in the past, then you should start to do Muay Thai when you get pregnant. There are many different benefits to doing Muay Thai while pregnant. A pregnant woman can exercise safely and effectively. The athlete must get enough rest and nutrition during her pregnancy. You will also be able to enjoy some time off from work when you become pregnant and start to feel your baby kicking inside of your belly. Muay Thai can be the best form of exercise while pregnant.

Things to consider before you start training Muay Thai while pregnant

There are several factors you need to consider before you start training Muay Thai while pregnant. Let's have a thorough look at these factors. They include;

Talking to your doctor

Before starting your training program, make sure you talk to your doctor to ensure that you will be allowed to train Muay Thai while pregnant and that the exercise will be safe for you and the baby. Make sure that your doctor has reviewed your history of pregnancy and has examined your body. If you are interested in training Muay Thai while pregnant, you must get medical advice from your obstetrician or gynaecologist. You should not train with heavy weights until he is satisfied that your health is good. The main concerns you need to be aware of are; Pregnancy is a natural process in the life of a woman and many women want to do something extra special for their partner or baby.

How safe is it for you and your baby?

If you are planning to exercise during your pregnancy, you must be aware of the fact that you may harm your baby. It is important to avoid the risk of premature delivery as well as serious injuries and damage to your unborn baby. If you are a new mother, then you are not even allowed to train. Before you start training, ask your doctor if it is okay for you to train while you are pregnant. When you are pregnant, you should not do heavy training. It is dangerous to have heavy weight training while you are pregnant as it may lead to premature labor and other pregnancy complications. During pregnancy, your body is changing so you need to keep yourself hydrated and maintain your strength and fitness levels.

The position of your baby

Your baby is growing inside you and he has to grow in a certain position. If your baby is positioned well, it will be easier for him to take in oxygen from the environment and get the proper amount of nutrients and energy from the mother’s body. When you train Muay Thai while pregnant, you need to train while your baby is in a safe position. For example, if you are doing a punch or kick while standing, your baby’s head needs to be facing the direction of your hand or foot. This is very important, especially for kicks. Make sure that your baby is not in any danger as well as you and your partner.

There is no doubt that Muay Thai is one of the best types of exercise when you are pregnant. It helps you build up your stamina and strength, which helps you throughout the pregnancy.

Training Muay Thai while pregnant has its fair share of benefits. Let us look into them as they will help you decide on whether to take up this training program while pregnant. They include;

Increases Cardiovascular Fitness

Muay Thai improves the cardiovascular fitness of the mother and also has the added advantage of helping in the weight loss process during pregnancy. This is because cardio exercise increases the heart rate, thus making it more effective for burning calories. Muay Thai is also a good workout that can be done while pregnant without the fear of hurting the baby and without any restrictions on the intensity level of the exercise.

Helps in Weight Loss

Muay Thai can help the mother lose weight during pregnancy as well. The high-impact nature of the workout helps in increasing the metabolism of the body. The muscles are also made stronger through the workout which further aids in weight loss. The workout burns calories faster than running, jogging, or any other type of cardio exercise. It also helps to tone and shape the abdominal muscles which help in reducing belly bulges.

Helps Prepare for Labor

Mature women with strong core muscles are less likely to have prolonged labor and a difficult time pushing out the baby. Thus, having a good core strength makes it easier for a pregnant woman to undergo the birthing process. Training Muay Thai helps in building strong abdominal and back muscles, thus increasing the ability to cope with the pressure during the delivery process.

Increases Muscle Mass

The workout increases the muscle mass of the pregnant woman due to which she is better able to carry her baby when it is time for delivery. Also, the increase in muscle mass helps in maintaining an active lifestyle. Muay Thai increases muscle mass, especially in the abdomen and lower back region. This can be very helpful in carrying the baby without having to use forceps or other invasive methods. The workout also helps in reducing the chances of having post-pregnancy weight gain.

Helps in Reducing Risks of C-section

Pregnant women who participate in Muay Thai workouts during pregnancy are less likely to need a c-section as compared to those who do not participate. This is because the workout increases the strength of the pelvic muscles which are responsible for holding up the baby in the uterus. The mother’s body will be better prepared to give birth to a healthy baby.

Lessens the risk of pre-eclampsia

Pregnancy is a highly stressful condition. Stress is known to trigger the release of hormones that are responsible for creating high blood pressure. The intense workout that takes place while training Muay Thai helps in relaxing the muscles and thus preventing the blood pressure from rising excessively.


As discussed in the article, it is possible to train in Muay Thai while pregnant without causing any harm to either the mother or the unborn baby. This article has outlined some of the positive points of doing so.

You can also find information about the workouts which will be helpful to pregnant mothers. As a guide, you can consider taking part in a two-hour Muay Thai session once a week. This would be equivalent to a total of four sessions per month. However, you should seek professional advice regarding your physical fitness levels and the amount of weight gain you are expected to have during pregnancy. It provides various benefits, including weight loss, increased muscle mass, cardio workout, and improved pelvic muscle strength. The workout also helps in reducing the chances of needing a c-section.

Thus, if you are willing to participate in this type of training program while you are pregnant, This training helps in improving the physical and emotional health of the mother. It is an effective exercise that has been practiced for ages and is still followed by some people, even today.

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